Thursday, 8 May 2008


My friend at work has just brought me a HUGE stash of her Grandma's fabrics. There is suiting fabric, denim, gorgeous fuscia silk, houndstooth wool, nice silky heavy black material that will be LBD material when I find a good pattern! There's some cute florals and also some silver sparkly velvet that I already have a bit of - I made it into some pyjama bottoms and I must say they are fantastic! There is also a TON of spools of thread and zips, long long zips that I can make floppy disc wallets with and yards upon yards of stretchy lace trim. I have promised to make my friend a flowery, lacey ra-ra skirt!

In other news today, I have invented a cool tournament system that we might implement at training over the next few weeks, to help keep people interested over the summer holidays. Basically, it's 2, 1 minute rounds of sparring and the winner goes forwards to the quarter-finals, then semis then there will be an ultimate winner out of the class. If we implement it over the whole of the club, then the winners from each class will go forward to fight each other. I think we need it, we get bored to easily. Or maybe I should just say, "I".

I'm inspired by Obsessive Consumption and so for the next week, you're going to see exactly what I've bought every day! I know, interesting or what? Anyway, today's list goes like this:

8:20am - 11 Litres of unleaded petrol @ 107.9p a litre
12:30pm - Sesame Ryvita, Chocolate Crispies, Solero Ice Lolly
No internet shopping so far today!
6pm groceries

Oooh and the stuff I ordered the other day for my little crafty things arrived today. I will be playing at the weekend!

Yesterday I did make it to the gym. I benched, squatted and good morninged, also laterally pulled down and had a nice s-t-r-e-t-c-h. I swear I was a cat in previous lives, I love stretching.

I also overdid the hamstring exercises, because I had trouble walking round Sainsbury's then had even more trouble walking up the hill to Hampstead Heath to watch the Typhoons fly over. My legs seem to be ok today, but they are nicely achey.

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