Tuesday, 6 May 2008

More Shop and Cornwall

Here's another couple of poster prints in the shop.



We spent the weekend in Cornwall which was pretty boring this time. Although I did find the most amazing gingerbread-man ice-cream. Gingerbread-men and ice-cream. Together. With clotted cream on the top! The train down was horrendous, I thought I'd got a seat only to be turfed out about 10 seconds after setting off. The whole train was unreserved because of the bank holiday, so why this guy thought he had any more right to the seat I was sitting in than I had, lord only knows! So I spent a lovely 3 and a half hours standing. We got into Penzance at eleven and back to the in-laws at midnight just in time to see bonkers Boris win the election.

Saturday turned into nap-central. On Sunday we walked into St Ives, and on Monday we walked into St Ives again, although this time I found a charity shop with some cute cups that I will be using for some crafting!

The lethargy is almost lifting and I feel almost awake - I have been taking vitamin Bs in the hope that I might return to almost-normal levels of awake-ness. Unfortunately I am rotting my teeth with Pepsi as well, since caffiene seems to have no effect on my sleep patterns because I am so tired!

I am hoping to get a grand workout tonight because my sparring skills seem to have taken a nose-dive. My new classes start at Abbot's Langley (Watford) on Monday and I want to up my confidence a little bit before then. I am also hoping to get to the gym at least one morning this week since the cake belly is taking over!

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