Friday, 30 May 2008

Can I have my week back please?

Ok, who stole Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday? And how is it now Friday? How did that happen?

I think I've just been trying to recover from last weekend and have only just woken up!

On Tuesday I got my "MMA GOALS" list, which includes coaching a guy to his black belt by January 09! Ha! A teensy bit optimistic methinks, but we shall see. Also, it's basically just what I'm doing now but written down!

On Wednesday evening I took pictures off ALL the products I have on my craft stall, notecards, posters, noticeboards, everything! Now it is all on DaWanda. The shop is almost full.

Last night I took the ladies' grading, which was an experience! Fortunately all the students who I solely teach passed. We had one unfortunate, but she will have the opportunity to re-take. Because of the grading I was home late last night, and I did tell the DH that I would be home at that time, but he rang me anyway, to see where I was! I got home to him "baking". Now the DH's idea of baking is mixing up some flour and maybe some butter and then adding stuff. He'd kneaded up this wierd buttery dough but it had no sugar in, so we had to add icing sugar. Then we put raisins in the dough and jam on top and baked it until browned. It made a kind of heavy scone-type effort. I think he had overworked the dough because it had the same texture of manky shortcrust pastry! Still, it was a nice thought!

I also got my 'tocks to the gym this morning, since I had promised my friend I would work on her free weights with her. Unfortunately she'd had a late night working in the pub so was too tired for a workout. I still had a pretty heavy, but pretty basic workout; benches, squats, good mornings and lat pulldowns.

Pre-gym time (which is pre-eyes-open) I made it to ASDA to buy some secret things for secret 30th birthdays at the weekend. I hope they will be ok, otherwise I will have to run home early and alter some other secret things!

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