Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Crafty Ninja On Tour!

The weekend craft fair was a mild success! At least I took more than I paid for the table! My button earrings seem to have been increadibly popular! So I will be making a few more of them for the Brixton show and I am also branching out into some other earrings. The teacup candles went down a storm, they sold out within an hour, then another lady came back to buy them, so I had to take an order!

Goathland Craft Fair May 08

That's my mother there, looking dazed and confused! Heh!

I've managed to clean the silk screen off today, so I will be burning another image onto it soon, there are a couple of secret things I need to make before the weekend.

I am aiming to get back into the gym today - albeit depending on estate agents etc.

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