Saturday, 30 January 2010


I am giving away these lovely hand-stiched love heart cards just in time for valentine's day.

To enter leave me a comment before Feb 5th telling me about a great V-day you've had in the past!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Well HASN'T it been a long time?

Probably so long that no-one is reading any more. Whoopsie!

I actually have a micro-cosm of free time today, I should probably be doing some Biology marking, or perhaps my School-Based-Study or even a report on how great my School Experience 1 has been, oh, or my second coursework module, but somehow at 8:40am I am still easing into my day after a rather hectic and draining day yesterday.

Thursday started off earlier than usual at the mind-numbing time of 6:15. Ugh. I didn't realise there even was day that early! Then I had a lovely trek across town to Whitechapel, where by this time it was peeing down so I arrived at my second school placement soaked to the skin. My new school is Bishop Challenor - aka THE LEARNING VILLAGE! There are 1700 pupils compared with the current 440, there are boys :-O but I get to teach the boys and the girls separately. Oh yeah, and Tower Hamlets is the poorest area in the country, compared with Hampstead, which is the richest. Good greif this is going to be a culture-shock! Hopefully I get a job at a school that is somewhere in the middle. :-) Actually I'd love a job here at Francis Holland, but they have a full compliment (2) of Physics staff. *cry*

On returning to Francis Holland, it really hit me that I only have a week left here, and felt quite sad about it, but I had the best time with 24 year sevens who I took to the climbing wall. Gosh they are like little monkeys - scurrying up the walls. Absolutely amazing!

Straight from climbing I trekked the other way across town to Heston (near Heathrow) to teach my ladies kickboxing. I worked their bums off, so that was good - and I actually had students yesterday, which was ace! Eventually I landed home to an over-excited reception from the meowkins, so I took some pictures of her doing random cat things and eating my toast (see my flurogoddess365 blog). Finally fell into bed with a good book and a good man.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Good Eventide!

Well hello there!

I'm glowing after a great sparring workout that was horrendously hard but just great! Some guy picked me up and pretty much threw me against a wall, but apart from him, I just about whipped everyone's ass. :-D

I've posted off the winners' cushions, I actually found that I had 2 left, so two out of three commentors have cushions slowly making their way to them by pigeon post!

I don't exactly have too much to say, I'm working on an essay about continuity and progression in science education - exactly, facinating stuff, eh? The cat is madly in heat at the moment, and if it goes on much longer I am definitely having her fixed (She's a house-cat so no ranty irresponsible-pet-owner-comments sil vous plait)! The sight of cat bottom in front of me on the desk is proving a tad wearing!

Oh yes, I know, something that I love, love, love and that my Dad e-mailed me the other day:

Be a pig of happiness - go and spread some love!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Half term!

Well I left you all for over half a term, but I am here now. I managed my first lie-in for about 8 weeks this morning, and I am still tired! I think I might just have a little nap before I go out teaching my little dragons.

I've managed to get to the post office today to post out some baker's twine that I sold 4 times over in my folksy shop! I'm thinking about winding it on something other than a dolly peg, since it made posting it a very expensive affair - the package weighed 33g but it still cost £1.28 to post since it was over the thickness of a large letter. :-( Silly Royal Fail. And because of the striking, people probably won't receive them for another 50 years!

I am currently in the process of clearing out the junk room - I mean, we've only been here a year and still haven't unpacked! So look out for plenty more giveaways here on the blog, and if you haven't commented below for the breakfast-face cushion, then don't delay - closing date is Friday!

Thursday, 15 October 2009


I apologise for the light posting, but I am just busy being busy - teaching is starting in earnest and it's all very scary and exciting and boring all at the same time!

Anyway, to celebrate my first ever teaching lesson - which was about science experiments, I have a lovely breakfast face cushion to give away! Now it's not exactly the one in the picture (I am too lazy to get off my bum and take a picture), but it is very very similar except the background is blue.

If you would like a chance to win this fabulous cushion - please comment with a contact e-mail by Friday 23rd.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Calling All Font Whores!

Check out this video, I am particularly giggling over CS's character after being told to use Comic Sans in powerpoint presentations for school! *cringe*

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Nearly there...

I'm nearly starting my PGCE. PANIC! I'm feeling pretty well rested today, getting into a nice routine and feeling lovely and relaxed, only to be dropped into a primary school head-first next week!

I'm just looking at my diary to see what I've done these past 4 weeks and it appears to be: not much. I have been up to my eyes in stuff though - from visiting friends and babies to getting new bike tyres, a couple of days out here and there and a few days delivering leaflets and posters for my new martial arts classes starting on Saturday. I've made room for a couple of days of ER watching - I've managed to watch just over 1 series and I don't think I'll have much time for any more, I've got some t-shirts to print, a barbecue to attend and afternoon tea and then the chaos ensues!

Yesterday I baked some Sophie Dahl bread with Wallace and Gromit flour (strange but true!). Sophie Dahl's cookery book (Sumptuous Delights) is lovely - I read all the life-story bit first, then I browsed the recipes - it's not all cakes and fancy dinners, it's really well done for just day-to-day dishes. She's split the book into seasons, so that you can use seasonal ingredients if you so wish, then each season is broken down into Breakfasts, Lunches and "Suppers" (POSH!). I looked through the summer meals but wasn't too inspired, however the autumn dishes are my favourite - not surprising since autumn is my favourite season! Last night I made the lovely bread, I also made some grilled vegetables with halloumi which is a simple recipe, but it has things that I wouldn't have thought of, like salting the aubergine and then mixing some lemon juice with olive oil before you drizzle it over the veggies. This morning I made a rice cereal thingo, which I suppose is a cross between rice pudding and porridge but neither really... It's just basmati rice cooked in milk with cardamom (YUM!) and cinnamon. I'm trying to encourage hubs to try cooking (for me) so that I don't have to slave away over a hot stove while I'm trying to balance on one leg and write lesson plans!

And with that, I shall leave you... With a picture of the cat!