Thursday, 3 September 2009

Nearly there...

I'm nearly starting my PGCE. PANIC! I'm feeling pretty well rested today, getting into a nice routine and feeling lovely and relaxed, only to be dropped into a primary school head-first next week!

I'm just looking at my diary to see what I've done these past 4 weeks and it appears to be: not much. I have been up to my eyes in stuff though - from visiting friends and babies to getting new bike tyres, a couple of days out here and there and a few days delivering leaflets and posters for my new martial arts classes starting on Saturday. I've made room for a couple of days of ER watching - I've managed to watch just over 1 series and I don't think I'll have much time for any more, I've got some t-shirts to print, a barbecue to attend and afternoon tea and then the chaos ensues!

Yesterday I baked some Sophie Dahl bread with Wallace and Gromit flour (strange but true!). Sophie Dahl's cookery book (Sumptuous Delights) is lovely - I read all the life-story bit first, then I browsed the recipes - it's not all cakes and fancy dinners, it's really well done for just day-to-day dishes. She's split the book into seasons, so that you can use seasonal ingredients if you so wish, then each season is broken down into Breakfasts, Lunches and "Suppers" (POSH!). I looked through the summer meals but wasn't too inspired, however the autumn dishes are my favourite - not surprising since autumn is my favourite season! Last night I made the lovely bread, I also made some grilled vegetables with halloumi which is a simple recipe, but it has things that I wouldn't have thought of, like salting the aubergine and then mixing some lemon juice with olive oil before you drizzle it over the veggies. This morning I made a rice cereal thingo, which I suppose is a cross between rice pudding and porridge but neither really... It's just basmati rice cooked in milk with cardamom (YUM!) and cinnamon. I'm trying to encourage hubs to try cooking (for me) so that I don't have to slave away over a hot stove while I'm trying to balance on one leg and write lesson plans!

And with that, I shall leave you... With a picture of the cat!

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