Friday, 15 January 2010

Well HASN'T it been a long time?

Probably so long that no-one is reading any more. Whoopsie!

I actually have a micro-cosm of free time today, I should probably be doing some Biology marking, or perhaps my School-Based-Study or even a report on how great my School Experience 1 has been, oh, or my second coursework module, but somehow at 8:40am I am still easing into my day after a rather hectic and draining day yesterday.

Thursday started off earlier than usual at the mind-numbing time of 6:15. Ugh. I didn't realise there even was day that early! Then I had a lovely trek across town to Whitechapel, where by this time it was peeing down so I arrived at my second school placement soaked to the skin. My new school is Bishop Challenor - aka THE LEARNING VILLAGE! There are 1700 pupils compared with the current 440, there are boys :-O but I get to teach the boys and the girls separately. Oh yeah, and Tower Hamlets is the poorest area in the country, compared with Hampstead, which is the richest. Good greif this is going to be a culture-shock! Hopefully I get a job at a school that is somewhere in the middle. :-) Actually I'd love a job here at Francis Holland, but they have a full compliment (2) of Physics staff. *cry*

On returning to Francis Holland, it really hit me that I only have a week left here, and felt quite sad about it, but I had the best time with 24 year sevens who I took to the climbing wall. Gosh they are like little monkeys - scurrying up the walls. Absolutely amazing!

Straight from climbing I trekked the other way across town to Heston (near Heathrow) to teach my ladies kickboxing. I worked their bums off, so that was good - and I actually had students yesterday, which was ace! Eventually I landed home to an over-excited reception from the meowkins, so I took some pictures of her doing random cat things and eating my toast (see my flurogoddess365 blog). Finally fell into bed with a good book and a good man.

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Swirlyarts said...

I really don't miss teaching practice! Or teaching for that matter but that's for another day :)