Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Good Eventide!

Well hello there!

I'm glowing after a great sparring workout that was horrendously hard but just great! Some guy picked me up and pretty much threw me against a wall, but apart from him, I just about whipped everyone's ass. :-D

I've posted off the winners' cushions, I actually found that I had 2 left, so two out of three commentors have cushions slowly making their way to them by pigeon post!

I don't exactly have too much to say, I'm working on an essay about continuity and progression in science education - exactly, facinating stuff, eh? The cat is madly in heat at the moment, and if it goes on much longer I am definitely having her fixed (She's a house-cat so no ranty irresponsible-pet-owner-comments sil vous plait)! The sight of cat bottom in front of me on the desk is proving a tad wearing!

Oh yes, I know, something that I love, love, love and that my Dad e-mailed me the other day:

Be a pig of happiness - go and spread some love!

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