Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Kinda Halfway

Last night I decided that I wanted a bit of a mini-grading in mma, let's call it a "half-Dan". I've been floundering around a little bit, not really knowing what to do, thinking that it might be easier to stay at home some evenings, thinking that there's no real point to improving my sparring since we aren't doing any tournaments, I'm not going for grading any time soon, so I have no real "goals" (hate that word really). So we had a chat last night and Lee is going to come up with a mini-grading for me, that will help towards 2nd Dan. He is insistant that I can't quite do 2nd Dan yet, and that we need to leave a year or two inbetween, but I did tell him that actually it's been 6 months since I took my black belt test so time is fleeting.

Last night I made my first sale on DaWanda, which was great since I only loaded all my stuff on there yesterday! And the best thing about it - they only charge 5% of the sale fee, when you sell. The listings are unlimited in length, so if you don't sell, you don't pay... Love it! Also, you can get them to send you a text message when you make a sale - how VERY exciting!

Psssst - I just checked on the silk screen and it hasn't stuck to the newspaper! I get to expose it at half 11! I can't wait.

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