Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Let the games COMMENCE


My first kickboxing class started in Abbots Langley - I had 7 people, most of which had done martial arts before, so I have a class of experts! Eek! I managed to intimidate one lady, I had the black belts demonstrate sparring, and they weren't going hard, but she ran like a little girl, saying, "I don't think this class is for me...". Heh.

On Saturday I chilled round at my friend's house. We did some dancing with her baby, fed the ducks, watched DVDs and made brownies. All good.

Things purchased on Saturday:
2 packets of ginger nuts
1 gingerbread man

On Sunday we caught the coach to Portsmouth to meet my friend who is in the Navy. She is leaving soon, so we thought we'd better make the most of our guide! We walked round Warrior, and there was a steam and craft fair on in the harbour. The steam fair was pretty small, but there were a fair few traction engines there. The crafts were virtually non-existant. We had a lovely lunch, and a lovely dinner - for dinner pudding I had spotted dick, which amused the American couple on the next table, who were eating fish and chips and the guy was wanting to drink "Speckled Chicken" beer, but unfortunatley they didn't have any. They didn't even have Speckled Hen.

Things purchased on Sunday:
2 500ml bottles Pepsi Max
2 packets of chewing gum
hot dog and fries and onion rings, lime and soda
ticket to the steam fair
lime and soda and a piece of lemon cake
poached pear and feta salad, spotted dick with creme anglaise and a lime and soda

Things purchased on Monday:

(this buying thing is turning out to be more food diary than buying diary ;-) )

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