Friday, 31 October 2008

Things that are happening apart from decorating.

Wait. Now let me think...

There must be something, come on now... Well I have been training in the arts of martial. I have Goals to complete before Christmas. They involve hitting and kicking things Very Hard.

Last night the hubs worked late - until 2am in fact. So late that it was indeed early.

Oh yes, and it is the husbandido's birthday on Tuesday so tomorrow I have to make his cake, which will either be a raw food cake (er. Yeah.) or will mostly be made out of icing, because there is still no cooker. The latter is probably going to be the best option because he has mentioned to me that he could eat fondant icing all day. I shall take him at his word and buy enough packets of icing to create a cake entirely made of icing! It shall be magnificent! Of course I could actually make him a fried cake, but that sounds a bit yucky!

For his birthday/our anniversary we are going to visit the mighty Westfield Shopping Centre. Frankly I could think of more romantic things to do but there is a Gourmet Burger Kitchen - who am I to argue? And of course there will be purchases of items "because it is our anniversary". I have actually already received my anniversary present which was rather sweet of him. We've been trying to buy lots of things in Habitat because we've got money-off vouchers that run out today. I've really fancied one of those laser-cut flowery lampshades for ages and ages and now we have, you know, lamps, to put it on it is obviously the time to buy it. Unfortunately we almost came to blows over whether it is a) nice and b) value for money. I lost the argument at the weekend, however on Tuesday he rang me up to ask if I wanted one for our anniversary and was checking to see that I hadn't already bought one (he knows me far too well!). So that's sweet! Although I'm not sure "lamp shade" really constitutes a romantic anniversary present, but it's got to be better than straw!

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