Wednesday, 15 October 2008

At last, I will be able to sleep soundly - no more worrying about house buying, no more worrying that the hubs won't like the place (he loves it), no more uncomfortable rock-hard airbed that gives me stiff and aching hips and pins and needles in my arms! I won't be banging my head on the ceiling either, which was a hazard in our old place. We are off to Ikea tonight to blow a wedge on furniture. We've finally settled on this bed since it is solid pine (I insisted it was solid wood), and also has storage (the hubs insisted on that one - I think he is tired of all my junk...)

I have great plans for the bedside tables which will be hacked to a certain extent. With the drawers going all the way to the headboard you would lose the top drawers if you put tables next to the bed. Fortunatley Ikea have matching bedside tables that are on metal legs (which are most probably self-assembly and don't actually have to have the legs attached) so I am going to mount those babies on the wall next to the bed so that we don't lose that lovely storage space.

I also stumbled upon a bright yellow shower curtain which will brighten the place up a treat. Not that we actually need a shower curtain since the shower unit is broken. I am settling for a shampoo spray attached to the taps to wash my hair. I'm also considering painting the bathroom bright yellow and leaving the tiles white. I think that should be quite sunny and not too overwhelming since the bathroom suite is white and half the walls are white tiles. I've sent for FREE paint samples from Crown (rock on Crown, love ya!) and I will be trying them out ASAP. I'm dying to get just one area sorted, even if it's just the cupboard for my bike gear! I can't wait for the weekend...

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