Monday, 20 October 2008

Calling All Winners!

Ok, so everyone who commented on the Halloween PIF post gets a prize! Hurray!

That's rubyred, little pudding nappy cakes, candles by lisa, buffy, and painted fish studio. I think I've messaged you all in some form or another - if you haven't got the messages, please e-mail me your address.

Cheers ladies.


Candles by Lisa said...

Woo hoo - can't wait.


Buffy said...

I received my goodies today!

Thank you x x
It was all so nicely presented and even with the sticker warning on the worm I had to have a quick sniff and Lick! lol

Am looking forward to playing with the "Much needed!" Orange and black papers.

Hopefully I will have something half decent to take a piccie of

Oh and, you are close by! lol
Small world eh?

Thanks again
x x x x