Friday, 24 October 2008


How exciting... I have been tagged by Cloudhopping

The rules are as follows:

1) Link to your tagger and list all these rules in your blog.
2) Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3) Tag 7 people at the end of your post by including links to their blogs.
4) Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

Here are my wierdy facts!

1. I can do box splits and I'm very proud of the fact - as my friend says, I'm good at parties!
2. I'm currently only eating 6 days out of 7 and donating the money from 1 day's food to charity.
3. I've always wanted red, curly hair. Fortunatley I'm halfway there with the curls!
4. Some days I'd just rather be by myself.
5. I'm an insatiable reader. If I don't have a book I will re-read the closest to hand.
6. Following on from 5, when I started senior school and discovered the library I took 8 books out on the first day!
7. I get intimidated teaching people kickboxing - I still feel like a fraud!

I am going to tag the following bloggers:

1)painted fish studio
2)Made by michelle
3)My Little Corner of the World
4)Naughty Hippo
6)I love Grey Skies
7)Big Girl Feet


painted fish studio said...

i never could quite do the splits, despite years of gymnastics! i'll put some random facts up on my blog this week!

Big Girl Feet said...

Nice!! I used to read a lot too, I haven't in a while tho'... must remedy that!!

when skies are grey said...

Somedays I like to be alone too and I love reading as well :)
I will do this later in the week, thanks for including me.

alice said...

Thanks for tagging me! I will do it this week :)

painted fish studio said...

hey, j! i've got my tag list and your p.i.f. on my blog today! :)