Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Red and Yellow and Pink and Green

Purple and Orange and Blue... These are all the tester pot colours I've bought and more! Tonight I am going to start with the undercoat in the bathroom and paint the bedroom in more shades of green, although to be honest "Kiwi Burst" looks an awful lot like "Lime Zest" which looks like "Lime Fizz".

However there is no mistaking "Lemon Chiffon 1" which I have renamed "In Your Face Yellow". The guy at the mixing desk today said, "Is that to save on lightbulbs?" to which my answer is a resounding yes! The exterior light shines into the bathroom after dusk anyway, and since we don't have any blinds yet we don't actually switch the bathroom light on, we just bathe in the half-light of security light through frosted glass. Sounds romantic, no?

We've also got a bright red tester pot - I am going to paint a big heart on our living room wall for the house party and have people write anniversary/birthday/housewarming messages in it!

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