Monday, 8 September 2008


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Ok, so I have decided to edit this post!

Firefox was having a hissy fit because I was uploading all my wedding pictures to photobox to create a book for the bride. I wanted to post this picture because it is one of my favourites from the day. I just snapped it quickly as they were running past, I didn't compose it or think about it, or even look down the viewfinder properly, but those sweet girlies running with their capes flying deserved a picture!


Anonymous said...

I don't understand! :(

P.S. Since you so kindly turned me over to the uk craft forum, can I return the favour by pointing you to :)

flurogoddess said...

No neither do I!

Firefox was clearly having a bad day! I think I said something along the lines of "Here is a wedding picture, firefox is being stupid, I wonder if anyone can understand this, there is a prize if you can!"