Friday, 19 September 2008

Poorly Penelope

My bike, Penelope is a bit poorly.

Tears of a clown(this is my friend Bill at a NYE party.)

First of all, on Wednesday night, we were rudely awakened by the Police coming to tell us that poor old Nelly had been pushed over while she was parked in the street by some crazy madwoman! They took my statement and while there were only really a few scratches on my bike and the clutch lever had snapped off, it is going to come to about £600 to repair her! Sheesh! Because the woman is crazymad and known to the police, it is not likely that she is even going to go to court let alone be ordered to pay damages. Now I am left with the choice of paying my £250 excess and risk my insurance premiums going up if I get her fixed or putting up with a scratched-up bike.

I took her to the garage on Thursday morning to get her clutch lever fixed so that I could actually go to work, then they discovered that the cluctch cable was about to snap, so they replaced that for me. I got to work and took out my MOT certificate and saw that it was 2 days overdue. I booked her in for an MOT straight away. Unfortunately she failed her MOT and needs new brake discs which is going to set me back a few hundred quid. She also has a hole in the exhaust which is making her backfire - that's going to cost the same as the front discs to replace but, strangely enough, they didn't pick up on the hole in the exhaust on the MOT. The place I got her MOTed doesn't do bike repairs so I had to load her in the back of the transit van, take her to my kickboxing class, take her home last night and then to the garage this morning.

In the middle of the night I woke up thinking my right eyeball was on fire - I got up to take my contacts out and couldn't see, I now have a lovely lovely red eyeball! Fortunately I managed to get some drops this morning for it, but they taste foul once they've dripped down to the back of your throat. Ugh!

After I'd dropped Penelope off at the garage I had to find an HSBC to go into so that I could CHAPS the money for our house deposit to the solicitor. I paid for about 40 minutes parking thinking that I would only have to go to the counter. How wrong could I be? I queued up at the counter with my 2 forms of photo ID and marriage certificate and bills and cheque books and credit cards only to be told that I had to be seen by someone else. At 25 past 10 I was put on a list of people waiting, some people had already been waiting since 10am! At 11:10 I was finally seen by someone, after having to go and put more money in the parking machine! The whole transaction took less than 5 minutes and I'm sure the guy at the counter was more than capable of putting through a CHAPS transaction... Bleh.

On my way to the car I walked past a milkshake shop - they had over 150 flavours, which included Weetabix and Farleys Rusk! I chose a Fondant Fancy shake, because if there's anything better than a Fondant Fancy, it's a Fondant Fancy milkshake!

So after the bank trip things are looking up, since I got into work and have 2 etsy orders sitting in my inbox. I just have to figure out how to get to the bike garage on the tube and give my credit card a hammering.

(I've just been to my flickr account to find a picture for you, hence Bill up there with his clown tears, and I've got a message that my "I'd rather be napping" print has been featured on a blog. What a roller-coaster day today!)

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