Friday, 30 January 2009

Bouncy Bouncy Tigger

but not a bastardised Disney Tigger. No thank you!

Right, so, anyway. This week I have been feeling 100% fit and well and full of tiggrrrrrrrrr. I've been to the gym, shredded most of my muscles, been training and put in 100% effort all week, I've even scheduled another private kickboxing lesson for tomorrow morning.

This weekend is going to prove quite busy (which is just the way I like it really!). This afternoon I have to print some martial arts babygros, then I am going for a meeting to discuss a photoshoot on Sunday, more graphic design and mma newsletters. This meeting will involve copious amounts of milky tea and fish finger sandwiches - he knows how to woo the girls!

On Saturday I have my lovely private lesson, then I have to have a bit of shopping time, then I will be packing for our week staying in Canterbury! We booked this holiday straight after we came back from Christmas because I was still recovering. However right at this very moment I don't feel like I need a holiday, but it will do us good because we haven't had a week to ourselves for a very very long time. The forecast is for snow and highs of 0 degrees on Monday - I hope this cottage has some good central heating! I hope the snow is beautiful because I want to take lots of pictures and walk and draw.

Sunday is the photo shoot. I've kind of been dropped in it at the last minute - there was supposed to be a "professional" photographer coming in for an hour to take photos but in the end it hasn't happened. On Tuesday Lee said, "Oh, did I tell you the professional photographer isn't coming?" er no. No you didn't! So in the end old muggins gets to do the photos, which I will love to do - and it's given me a great excuse to buy this:

which I have been thinking about getting for a little while. The photoshoot, plus the fact that the holiday cottage in Canterbury has wireless internet - plus the fact that I want to do some photoshopping/illustrator work while we're away meant that I finally splashed out. Not sure what the hubs will say, but it's bought now and I've installed and uninstalled a lot of things. Heh.

Next time I blog I might be in Canterbury, writing from Jemima the pink laptop!

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