Monday, 5 January 2009

Happy New Year

I need prozac!

Penelope didn't start this morning - argh! It took until 12 noon to get an RAC man out to look at her, and of course he got her up and running in 2 minutes.

I'm trying to rally people round for my birthday party next weekend, so far I have 1 person coming. January really sucks for birthdays. Or maybe no-body really likes me! Or perhaps they just don't like my cooking! Heh!

I am celebrating on Wednesday with a spa day at the Sanctuary, where I shall wallow in self-pity and champagne then I am forcing the hubs to go and see The Reader (I don't think he'll complain too much if Kate Winslet gets her kit off!!) and if there's room after a champagne lunch and an afternoon tea I might get him to take me to dinner.

Stupidest Christmas present received: A DIY chocolate teapot kit, complete with instructions

Could've done better Christmas present: Socks, socks, socks and a scarf and some socks (really, from the same person!)

Most useful Christmas present: Brand new electric oven (actually I think this is the best present this year!)

1 comment:

painted fish studio said...

yuck. holiday hangover. my christmas was pretty disappointing as well, but i will say i really could have used some socks! every single pair i own has a hole in the toe area...

well, shoot, if i wasn't so far away, i'd join you on your birthday!