Friday, 4 July 2008


This has been one whirlwind week!

Monday I was resting at work! Tuesday I spent on the phone with solicitors, estate agents, solicitors, the bank, estate agents, estate agents, the fax, estate agents. Then I was training for 2 hours in the evening. Lee had me doing side kicks off one leg for AN HOUR. My knee has not recovered yet!

On Wednesday Lee and I spent the whole day teaching rowdy kids at Heston School. I ended up doing 5 hours of training too, since I was demonstrating and teaching and encouraging the kids to do kicks and punches. It was really great fun but very very tiring!

On Thursday I was training again for a couple of hours, and teaching too. My ladies class is dwindling at the moment, I only had 4 people last night, and 2 of them were new so they didn't pay. Huff.

Today I am planning on doing a bit of craft, and the weekend will be spent doing martial arts and more crafts since I am going a fair in Kilburn on July 13th! I'm really looking forward to scenting my candles over the weekend and introducing a couple more bits and bobs to the shop.

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