Thursday, 31 July 2008

Moving on Up

(and moving on out... hopefully)

Well there's not much left to go with the H-word apart from all the searches, which of course will turn up a billion things that need sorting, I am sure. DH and I and my friend and her kid went to see the house yesterday lunchtime. There is a MAHOOSIVE stain of wet and mould and cringeable stuff in one corner, that I somehow didn't see (I must have been suffering temporary BLINDNESS it is that big). I am an idiot and have been merrily beating myself up about it for the past 24 hours. But according to my Dad (not only a builder and surveyor but teacher of builders and surveyors) it is a classic condensation patch. PHEW. I don't know quite why you need to know this detail, but I have been keeping fairly quiet on the H front, because I am aware that there is no-one quite as boring as a house bore. I have been having everyone else's house stories, and yes, they are boring! I just want to tell you about mine! So yeah, hopefully things are going to be ok, hopefully the searches will pan out, hopefully we won't have to live in that tiny little room any more! Hopefully I won't pass out from the 3 flights of stairs I have to climb every day! Hopefully I will enjoy moving house! Hopefully I will be given a little bit of time off work to move since I have no holidays left....

This is why I don't tell you about the house ;-)

Okay, so in my non-house-related world - last weekend I went to a Hen Do. Yes I forgot to tell you about that! We went to Ladies' Day at Newcastle Races and dressed up and I made some cute little "Jen's Hen" badges with a little chickie on them! We went out for dinner and dancing and I was the tiredest thing on this earth. I almost fell asleep in the club, standing up!

On Sunday I met DH in Manchester and got some "Flurogoddess" coloured vest tops and a zippy hoodie! Then I passed out on the coach on the way home!

I took yesterday off work to pack stuff for the wedding tomorrow, and buy wrapping paper, and necklaces and dance with babies in Leicester Square.

I still have a ton of stuff to do tonight - I am training until 9pm and our train is at 6:15am tomorrow. Deep. Joy.

The weekend has a wedding, a craft fair, and a Traction Engine Rally. I can't wait. I hope there's some room for sleeping in there!

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