Thursday, 17 July 2008

Clogs and Watermelons

Things here are all over the place, like clogs and watermelons.

The craft fair in Kilburn on Sunday was great! I met some wonderful ladies at the African Showcase and I got to wear my first African head wrap! The day was particularly profitable since we walked to the park with our wheelie suitcase rather than borrow the van from work and pay for the diesel.

On Monday I started my new gym workout incorporating plyometric exercises for jumping kicks. Grrr. I have a love hate relationship with it. Part of me thinks I'm not going to succeed, but part of me loves jumping around. I'm also really trying to "trim down" which is not conducive to optimal performance and makes it hard to go without my Pepsi Max crutch.

I ended up teaching 2 martial arts classes on Tuesday, one a private lesson and one a group of 30 students. It was so hot that I wasn't keen on doing any training anyway!

I have a couple of paper projects on the go at the moment - one is the Order of Service for my friends' wedding on Saturday, I just have to finish folding the rest of the 100 copies I printed out last night.

I'm also working on these

notes i

but with a sheep and "Notes from Goathland" on the front. The notepads are made from 100% recycled and reclaimed printer paper. They have plain, usable pages on both sides, unlike some of the recycled notepads that are just used printer pages bound together without any thought of use! Of course, these are available in the shop.

I am also thinking about buying a badge maker. In fact it's a pretty dead cert, but I have no-where to put it right at this moment in time. I might just wait a few more weeks since we have had a massive bundle of documents sent from the solicitor re: the H word. I must fax him some stuff today.

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