Monday, 30 June 2008

Back at Work for a Rest!

Oh my goodness, if ever I needed sleep in a bottle it is today!

After a week in which I had a 5am start, a motorcycle accident and the regular training and gym-goings I started the weekend with a house viewing on Friday afternoon. The place was great, the location not so much - above a shop and next to a noisy busy road with a bus stop outside the window. I also flooded the bike engine by parking on a slope, so couldn't get started and had to have a push!

On Friday evening I made some tealight candles for the craft fair, unfortunately my glass jam jar gave way to the heat and the bottom fell out of it, filling the saucepan I was using as a bain-marie with a nice water and wax mess! At 9:30pm it was time to call it a day, so I left the wax to cool and float to the surface.


Chipping it off on Saturday morning was rather amusing!

So I spent Saturday morning re-melting wax and making candles. Then I rode up to Watford to pick up the van for the fair. Since I had the van rather than the bike I did a humungous shop at ASDA and loaded the van up, I wondered if it would ever fit in our tiny little house. I also stopped at the bike place to get myself some new boots. With spikes. Well ok, just some good armour! I also got a new lid with a flip chin and integral sunnies!

Saturday afternoon was spent finishing off the candles and sewing up breakfast cushions.

Breakfast face cushion

When everything was finished, I drove round to the house we saw on Friday to check out the noise levels at midnight. I was still in my pyjamas! I got a phone call from the DH to ask if I could pick him up from Victoria since I was already out in the van. So at 2am, we were just crashing into bed.

An early start on Sunday to set up the stall

Brixton craft stall ii

which was a success judging by previous efforts! I am hoping to do a couple of stalls in July, one in Kilburn and one in North Finchley - a lady came round the stalls with application forms yesterday.

A friend of mine visited the stall yesterday - I haven't seen her for years and I thought we had fallen out since I kept asking and asking her to things but she always had some reason for not coming. It seems I am back in favour! I am also invited to her birthday party in a couple of weeks at Carwash on Old Street - a 70s club! Should be a riot!

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