Thursday, 28 May 2009

Oh poosticks!

Well I applied for my PGCE (post-grad teacher training) but unfortunately I wasn't successful at my first choice of University. I'm not 100% surprised since the interview went really really badly, I did not get on with the woman at. All. I nailed the bit where you actually had to present, and you know, TEACH. But screw that - because I can't explain an X-Ray to a year 7 student (a what? I think she means Lower 4th ;-) ) because I am wetting myself with nerves and I think the pH scale is linear rather than logarithmic because no-one's told me otherwise then bye-bye teaching. Surely they teach you these things ON the teaching course, you'd think...

I've only just found this out, and I am at work, and of course work does not know that I am looking at alternatives. I am trying not to wallow, I am trying not to dispair and feel that my only other option has been closed to me (there are still 3 other choices to apply to for my PGCE). I am stuck here, in a job I was forced into, stuffing envelopes when what I really want to be doing is teaching martial arts and crafting. And now I feel that I can't even teach martial arts that well, after all if I was a good teacher, then my classes would be busier and I wouldn't have to stay in this job, I would've told them where to go last month. I'm not even 100% confident in my crafting, I feel like I do so many different things that I don't have a niche (I feel like this about all of my disparate talents).

Le sigh.

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k. said...

Don't worry about the interview. I remember my first university interview. They asked why I wanted to go there, and the pause was a bit too long! Sometimes, it just doesn't feel right, and if you didn't get on with the woman, it's probably for the best. I ended up at my second choice, and was far happier there, than I could have been anywhere else. I know it can feel like doors closing sometimes, but it really isn't, it's just changing your path a bit. So you end up in the job a little longer than planned - that's not forever. Now you've just got more experience for your next interview.

And your crafting is great - I've seen the proof!