Wednesday, 6 May 2009

I am on ur pooter chair steelin ur warms

The small furry one is still resident in the South. We tried and tried and cried getting her into her basket on Friday morning. I am minus the use of my left hand at the moment since it's been shredded by a petrified tabby mog. We had to leave in such a rush on Friday morning that we only had time to re-fill the cat tray and empty the box of cat munchies into her bowl, write a hasty note for the neighbour and skidaddle, leaving Mimi scared and hiding behing the fridge!

We arrived home last night and after a bowl-full of chicken she is our friend again. We came home with lots of cat toys and a new carry box, just in case she prefers this new one. DH is so amusing with her, he says he doesn't like cats, but he was playing with her and her new "dancing man" toy, singing her a song about the dancing man and making her jump to catch him!

The plan is now to take her to Yorkshire in the middle of June, by then we will be certain of the kitten situation and she may even trust us enough to go back in a carry basket for the long journey north.

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painted fish studio said...

awwww, poor kitty. she's really taking a liking to her current home.