Monday, 11 May 2009

Freebie, er, Monday?

That'll do! I did take the pictures on Friday though.

This lovely handmade scarf has been hanging around in my house for a little while, and I haven't yet had a chance to wear it, so because the weather is all scarf-like (yeah ok, whatever!), and anyway it's a nice, light, spring scarf which could dress up a funky outfit without adding too much warmth, I thought I would give it away, to one of you lovely blog readers. Because I love you (but not in that way).

So just leave a comment before 9am, Tuesday 19th May and the usual random pickings will happen.


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous scarf!!!

Being pregnant, I seem to be stuck wearing dark clothing as black trousers and jacket, etc seems to be the only stretchy clothes I have and this would brighten u those dull outfits lovely!!

I can just picture it with my outfit for a family wedding - it would look gorgeous!!

Any lucky blogger would be priviledged to receive such a gorgeous item :D

Lots of love, Laura xxx

(aka Fluffy Squirrel on Crafts Forum)

JanJ said...

Ooh gorgeous scarf, really different too, thanks for the chance to win it


Jan x (AutumnFaerie on CF)

painted fish studio said...

gorgeous, and perfect for spring!

Anonymous said...

it's beautiful, wonder colours! Thanks for a cool giveaway!