Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Oh My Goshness!

I've been featured AGAIN! This time on Katie's Blog because of the We Make Christmas craft fair in the American Church on Tottenham Court Road! I'm ever ever EVER so excited for We Make Christmas - I have a couple of rad things up my sleeve for it, if my husband ever gets his finger out and prints out my prototype ;-)

I'm currently in the process of making a "flurogoddess" banner for my stall at the weekend and finishing off some little Ninja fluff-balls. They've only appeared on flickr so far in their unfinished form, but you can be sure that they will most probably be on DaWanda/etsy/Folksy when they are finished - which won't be until after the weekend.

Ninja Fluff-balls!

If you want to reserve your Ninja (with an added Shuriken by Friday...) then leave a comment or mail me!

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