Friday, 29 August 2008

I am back from the craft fair and I did reasonably well considering I usually make a loss taking everything into account!


I have many beautiful things to show you: Shepherds paper shop and purveyor of beautiful tasty paper including bible paper, recycled paper, paper made from bananas, papyrus, and of course elephant poo paper! They also sell delightful pocket notebooks for £2 and lovely leather covered sketchbooks. I am going to visit the shop tomorrow since it is just near Holborn station.

I'm off to Hobbycraft this afternoon to buy myself a sticker maker! Wahoop! I swear, the more ideas I come up with, the more money I have to spend! Heh! The sticker maker is going to help with some secret Christmas stuff that I might give you a sneak preview of soon...


On Saturday evening I went to my friend's Hen do in Manchester, I think I travelled for about 6 hours to spend 3 hours with her! Such are the joys of living in the country! At least I got to drive the nice Grand Espace with some great music to keep me awake at 2am!

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k. said...

Be careful- that shop is dangerous! It's not easy to escape without spending more than you planned!