Thursday, 3 January 2008

Happy New Year


I could post here about what a great year 2007 has been, what amazing things I've achieved, what I am looking forward to next year etc. But I am still too tired to even think about it!

So you'll just have to put up with DH singing Night Fever


and me with confetti on my face!


I will let you know though, that last year I set 6 goals for the year, which were:

1) Black Belt
2) 2nd Dan
3) Squat 150% of bodyweight
4) Weigh 11 stone 7lbs
5) Complete the Great North Run
6) Complete a marathon

I got 3 out of 6!

For 2008 I only have 3 goals so far and they're:

1) 2nd Dan
2) Complete FLM in under 5 hours 30
3) Do more crafty bits!

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