Tuesday, 24 March 2009

I do other things too...

I'm not just all about the shelves, although I must admit I do love them to death!

A couple of weekends ago the hubs and I hired Brompton folding bicycles. DH is thinking about buying one with his tax-free bicycle scheme at work, so he will save about 40% on the retail price. I, however, can't encourage my management to take up the scheme so I will be paying the full RRP on mine. We've only just decided that we're going to buy one each - at first we were only going to hire the one Brompton for DH to try out so that he can commute to work, then I thought, "Hang on a minute, I want to play!" so we hired one each. I was absolutely hooked! It turns out that I will be able to commute to work on the bike 3 days a week anyway, which would be ace for my fitness and a really fun and environmentally-friendly way to get to work. My motorbike doesn't use too much petrol, but I like the idea of using public transport and getting fitter. Mainly the fitness ;-)

Dom is going to buy a red bike, I would like to get an orange and purple one, however I think the purple colour that they offer won't work particularly well with their orange - the purple is kind of mauve/lavender rather than a deep blue-purple that is printed on their paper colour sheet. I'm going to have to see the purple in person before I really decide though, I think we might be paying a visit to a few bike shops this weekend.

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