Friday, 13 March 2009

And so it begins...

My husband and I are running the Bupa London 10,000 this year, and we are raising money for DEMAND - Design and Manufacture for Disability. DEMAND makes bespoke pieces of equipment for people with disabilities free of charge to the individual, whether this equipment is to help with every day needs such as toileting or bathing, opportunities such as Paralympic shot-putting and target shooting or recovery from injury.

This year is proving especially tough for DEMAND, they have only reached 50% of their target income per month this year. DEMAND cannot continue to transform the lives of people with disabilities without YOUR help. For further information about DEMAND please visit and to sponsor me and my husband, please visit

Your donations are greatly appreciated however small.

And if that doesn't get you to donate, Alan Davies, yes THE Alan Davies of QI fame, who doesn't know me from Eve started us off with £20 so dig deep please!

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