Monday, 14 April 2008

Flora London Marathon

I didn't win (would've been a stretch, since I wasn't running!) but I did have a fantastic time watching. Even in the wet and the miserable, it's still a magical event.

Because I am doing the moonwalk in a few weeks time we decided to walk home from Liverpool Street station (where we'd been to Spitalfields market, which, by the way, is nothing compared to what it used to be 3 years ago.). 6 miles later and my left hip is crying at me! Hopefully it will calm down enough so we can do some more walking on Wednesday.

Er what else? Oh yes, I would've got up to some arty farty bits, but the cartridges for the printer turned up and they were the wrong ones! Sob! I am so not impressed, because I ordered a bundle of 5 cartridges, and the 2 wrong ones they sent were the 2 I most desparately needed. Le sigh!

Also, I'm in the process of making an Adipose from Dr Who! Stay tuned for cute pictures!

In housing news, not something I've really been blogging about because it is horrendously boring, but we are just about to have an affer accepted (fingers crossed) I've been told the vendor will accept £260 000 and so this morning I offered £260 000, I am just waiting to hear that it's all official and then we can start panicking about the mortgage!

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