Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Vivien, oh Vivien, oh have you met Vivien?

This is the dress I wanted to buy for New Year. With this petticoat:

And I've been scouring the shops for a belt just like this:

It all started when I remembered I had some pink and red T-Bar shoes that I've never worn. I'm going to a New Year party and I wanted to wear them, so I thought a nice 50's dress with pink petticoats would be fab. Unfortunately I was shopping at the weekend with my mum and bought this:

Which is all very nice and slinky and "now" and sexy and lovely and cheap but it isn't a big swirly fluffy 50s pink and red dress with a cinch waist where I can look all burlesque and pouty.


dress and petticoat from Vivien of Holloway

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painted fish studio said...

whoooooooo! what you ended up taking home is amazing! but bummer about not being able to wear your t-bar shoes, they sound wonderful!